About Startup Development House

Startup Development House is all about supercharging tech-based businesses, we are a custom software and product development company based in Poland. We are focused on building customer-centric digital products and our mission is to deliver all-around support for startups at all stages of development. We love building startups from scratch as much as we love supercharging them at further stages of their product development journey.


  • Provide end-to-end product development services like product discovery, ideation, prototyping, design sprint, app & web development, scrum team augmentation
  • Create prototypes
  • Build MVPs
  • Offer a product discovery workshop that helps validate your business hypothesis with real users

Startup Development House's Offer

SDH offers for Startups the Remote Product Discovery Workshop sessions for Startups at any stage of growth.

Startup Criteria:
  • The budget of a minimum of $12k to be spent on Product Discovery and Product Development (product discovery, ideation, prototyping, UX/ UI design, app & web development, scrum team augmentation, quality assurance, and product management)
  • Companies that want to verify an idea, create a digital product, or improve the existing one
  • Firms from the B2B or B2C sector, that want to build web or mobile app
Offer Benefits:
  • 50% discount for Product Discovery Workshop and 20% for Software Development
  • Free product-risks consultation. Together we’ll understand at which stage your startup is at and tailor our services for your needs
  • Structuring your knowledge and finding areas that will improve your concept/product/business model/development process
  • Training customer-centric approach and learning practical skills that will help you build and develop a better product

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