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Forgeahead is a SaaS product development company based out of Mountain View, California. Forgeahead is an AWS Select Consulting Partner for Serverless Computing Services that includes three services – Lamba, API Gateway, and DynamoDB.

Forgeahead is an expert in cloud solutions and advisory. An optimized, tailored cloud solution helps reduce the carbon footprint while saving costs which makes both your investors and balance sheet happy.

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FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment Report

About the offer

Offer Code – SGFADV01

Cloud transformation is not a “one-size-fits-all” initiative. This offer helps assess your preparedness for the cloud journey and meets business goals with the desired ROI.

The FREE offer includes a detailed advisory report on your current cloud posture. We take a sneak peek at your current Cloud Infrastructure or your preparedness to move to the Cloud. We execute the offer in a two-phased manner:

Part 1
1. Kickoff
2. Application High-level Intro and Cloud Walkthrough
3. Cloud Resources Discovery & Listing
4. Cloud Posture Assessment

Part 2
1. Analysis & Alternatives
2. Optimization Lens
3. Risk Lens
4. Advisory Report

Detailed Advisory Report

Two weeks

What is required from your end?

Companies already on the cloud: Need to provide ReadOnly Access to the cloud infrastructure and a high-level walkthrough of the infrastructure architecture.

Companies planning to move to the cloud: Structured discussion with our cloud experts over a zoom call to assess your cloud preparedness.

1. Cloud Infrastructure: Evaluate cloud modernization opportunities and roadmap
2. Cost Optimization: Evaluate cost-saving opportunities and roadmap
3. Security: Evaluate current security and roadmap

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