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CircleCI is the cloud standard for CI/CD. Our platform provides Startup Grind customers with out-of-the-box integrations, flexible compute options, and a FedRAMP secured platform that can be hosted in the cloud or on your own infrastructure.

Preferred Partner

CircleCI provides software automation tools for teams to build, test, and deploy quality code faster. As part of the global Startup Grind network, get six months free.

About the offer

CircleCI offers Startup Grind startups six free months of our Performance Plan. Teams who use CI/CD deploy code 208 times more frequently than those who don’t.

Startups can claim an exclusive perks including:

  • Entry level performance plan for free (55,000 monthly credits + 5 free users)
  • Startup Support Package
  • Self-hosted runners
  • Access to private orbs
  • Network: 5 GB/month included
  • Storage: 2 GB/month included
  • Build timeout: 3 hours
  • Scale up to 80x concurrency

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