About Oracle for Startups

Without taking equity, our dedicated global team invests in startup success by helping them scale both their technology and their business. Member startups connect with enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure at a startup-friendly price, as well as introductions into that next big customer, investor, or advisor.

Oracle for Startups' Offer

Oracle for Startups is the launchpad to integrate and scale with Oracle technology, expertise and global reach. Use promo code “SGOracle” to unlock up to $5,000 extra free cloud credits and a 70% discount for 2 years, plus expert mentorship and access to a global network of customers.

Startup Criteria:
  • Startups of any size
  • Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, B or C
  • In the B2B or B2C technology space
  • Targeting a large addressable market
Program Benefits
  • 70% discount from day 1 on Oracle Cloud
  • $2,500 in free cloud credits to start
  • Free, hands-on migration support
  • Engagement with Oracle product teams
  • Expert mentors and a virtual curriculum
  • Exposure via global marketing, events, and PR*
  • Opportunities to engage with global customers*
  • Connections to interested VC firms*

* for qualifying startups