About Auth0

Now free for everyone – increase productivity and have more time for that amazing idea! Auth0 is here to provide your startup with the simple, extensible and scalable IAM and login solutions you need to grow your business.

Auth0's Offer

Free for 1 year – enhanced password protection, role management, MFA and more. For startups under 2 years old, $2M in venture-backed funding and $1M ARR.

AuthO has three simple criteria you need to meet to sign up:
  • Your startup must be under 2 years old.
  • Your startup must be venture-backed and with less than $2M of funding.
  • Your startup must have less than $1M in revenue.
Once approved, you will have access to the following features free for 1 year!
  • 100,000 Regular Active Users
  • Enterprise Identity Providers (SAML, AD, LDAP, etc)
  • Pro MFA & Enhanced Password Protection
  • Single Sign On For AuthO Dashboard
  • Plus many more Enterprise features